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Waste to Energy & Alternative Energy


We are fully experienced in undertaking the feasibility, planning and implementation for "Green Energy Technology" world wide. We specialize in Feasibility Studies, Advanced Business Planning and Consultancy in the Renewable Energy field, Including:-.

  • Plasma Gasification

  • Pyrolysis

  • Solar Power

  • Wind Turbine Power

  • Hydrogen Power

  • Hydropower

  • Bio-mass

  • Bio-Energy Cropping

  • Aviation Bio Fuels

  • Alternative Fuels

  • Algae and Cultured Fuels

We are also able to get access to funding for alternative energy and municipal plants worldwide.


In the interest of full disclosure Plans & Profiles is also a 50% owner in the Waste2energyWorld.com corporation and as such undertake all of the waste to energy and alternative energy business planning for them.  For more information, brochures and to visit the Waste2energyWorld.com site please Click Here

It's Not To Late Yet
We need to find solutions for renewable energy as well as to combat our own reliance of fossil fuels


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