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      Aviation Management Deluxe

This is a very sophisticated program for the management of small, medium, and large airlines. Available in two versions, Charter and Passenger. The program is geared to individual airlines and is available in a variety of sizes and ”mix & Match” modules, to give the client as much or as little as needed.

The program includes, but is not limited to:

Management database

The actual management solutions database is effectively split into 4 separate but fully integrated databases

  1. Full accounting: Income, outgoings, check writer, budgets, balance sheets and profit & loss

  2. Administration: Maintenance, general management, Administration and logistics

  3. Employee and Staffing: Crew scheduling, Employee Records and staff related data

  4. General Sales: Sales, contact management, passenger/charter and services and all sales related tasks .

These databases although clearly separated, run as a single fully integrated management solution and pull every aspect of the company into an easy to view perspective. Custom, generic and tailor made reports will give every conceivable report for the total control, management and future planning of any Airline. Most of these four databases can be split down into individual modules.

Full accounting

A single module to allow for full “Real-Time” accounting. It also gives budgets (over/under and running).  It will be a full blown industrial accounting package including check writers, AP, AR, General ledger etc.


This is broken down into separate modules for:

Maintenance: Aircraft Maintenance schedules and trip termination reports tie directly to the maintenance database

General management: Efficiency reports of Departments, Aircraft, Crews, Location of equipment etc.

Administration and logistics: Inter Department coordination, Integrated business diary, planners and report writer

Employee and Staffing:

This is broken down into separate modules for:

  1. Crew Scheduling

  2. Employee Records

  3. Airman Records

  4. Future Crew and Staff Planning

  5. Employment records and letter/warning/commendation database for each employee.

  6. Employment Interview forms etc.

General Sales:

This is broken down into separate modules for:

Full Contact Management

  1. Sales Call Tracking

  2. Letter Writing (Cookie Cutter and Individual)

  3. Form Letters

  4. Sales Contracts

  5. Meeting Planner

  6. Call back prompts etc.

  Airman /Crew Records

A shared database that will have the ability to input information from a trip termination report thus giving:

Cumulative time (Hrs/Mins) from start of year

Cumulative time from start of month

Cumulative time in last 24 hours

Balance of trip time that each crewmember has left (to remain legal)

A pop-up flag that will prevent any instances of “overtime” (FAA Crew Duty Regs)

Track requirements to have one 24 hour period duty free in any 7 day period

Track legal rest time (including 30 minute after block time)

Track Physicals (last, next and due dates)

Track proficiency checks (6, 9 and 12 month)

Track recurrent ground school dates and dates due

All time can be shown in local and or Zulu time

The airman records are for tracking use of all regulated staff such as Pilots, First officers, Flight engineers and Flight Attendants.

(Public Access)

A section about the airline/company with a sub section for staff, with photographs and a brief resume of individuals.

A section on aircraft with photographs, explanations and comments

A section on destinations, sub divided into individual destinations with a short history and demographics of each destination.

A “Services” section, sub divided into individual services

(Private (Staff) Access)

Crew schedule to allow crews to bid work schedules and trips.

Crew schedule officer of the day and contact information, telephone, extension, e-mail and location.

Employees enabled to look at their individual finance aspects (Salary and wages).

An employee suggestions box for input by any employee but results viewed only by managers.

Flight termination data sheet with interactive database to allow input of all employee ID’s on a specific flight, block out and block in dates and times, take off and landing dates and times for each trip, # of cycles for each trip. All dates and times measured on GMT. This then automatically links to the Airman /Crew Records module (as previously detailed)

Charter Side

  1.  Within the services section, a resident active database that allows users “Clients and potential clients” to enter information regarding departure and arrival points, number of passengers, dates, type of refreshment bar and food requirements etc. and the database will calculate approximate charter cost.

  2.  Provision for users “Clients and potential clients” to book charters and check the availability of charters. 

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