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Plans & Profiles, Inc and its consultants have a first class aviation background. We are experts within the industry and in the production of aviation business plans, having completed plans and tasks for many of the worlds airlines, large and small.    “Been there, done that!” It is quite likely one or more of our consultants has been where you are right now. Our senior directors and support staff work closely within the Aviation industry with a variety of entities in order to meet and exceed desired results.


Because of our varied background and focus, a client is at all times working closely with a Plans & Profiles professional who has insight, substantial knowledge and years of experience with the matters being addressed. We become an extension of your management team helping to surmount short term problems as well as develop long-term benefits.  Looking forward and aiming higher we use our experience, “book smarts and street savvy” to proactively respond to a constantly evolving environment and the resulting challenges and opportunities that it presents.  Each engagement is totally fine-tuned to our client’s specific needs, vision and goals.


Please feel free to contact us directly at any time. We would value the opportunity to be part of your team and complement your success!


Our Services in the Aviation industry include, but are not limited to:

Aviation Consultancy

Aviation Business Planning

Analysis & Feasibility

Aviation Services


Aviation Consulting
From a 121 to private business aviation, we have the industry expertise and experience to help. Our reputation within the industry is second to none and our services are available world-wide to aviation-related entities that have a need for professional planning, training, and/or advice on dealing with a multitude of aviation issues.

  • We also perform consultancy, analysis and studies of aviation systems that are currently in place. The objective is of developing a future strategy for maximizing capacity, safety, and efficiency.

  • We undertake the task of helping our clients through the myriad of autocratic bureaucracy and legislation connected with the aviation industry

  • We represented as consultants and agent, both buyers and sellers of all ranges of aircraft sales from large commercial to helicopters and corporate aircraft.

  • Introduced companies locally and globally within area networks, managed relationships with key officers and individuals both domestically and internationally.

  • We can establish company branding and promotion globally and foster long lasting relationships with key individuals within the World Aviation community.

  • We also help forge strategic partnerships to maintain relationships and to become trusted advisors. Together with effective strategic planning, organization and professional development, our customers and clients see us as trusted advisors in all forms of aviation consultancy.     



Aviation Business Planning

Business planning for all businesses is a must, but for the aviation industry is is an absolutely crucial. An integral part of the operation regardless of the status or size of the operation. From a startup to a multi national operation, a blueprint of the operation is vital. A road map of how to get there from here.

An advanced aviation business plan is a prerequisite for any operation and also for funding, re-financing, expansion or acquisition. Advanced plans are required by banks, investors and other financial institutions prior to any decisions ever being made.  Planning is not a luxury confined to larger companies. Advanced planning can make even the most daunting task less complex. Plans, studies, profiles and projections are essential parts of commercial practice. They are as much needed for the start of a new enterprise as they are a necessity for multi-national airlines.

An aviation feasibility study will let you know if it will work or not. An aviation business plan will tell you how it will work.     Click here to see the scope of a standard aviation plan


Analysis & Feasibility

If it be a new route, a new hub, base of operations or a startup, the due diligence must be supported by a full analysis of all of the research in a full feasibility study. A feasibility study is the combining of all of the due diligence, research, demographics and every other bit of information, analyzing it and making decisions based on the analysis.


Better to loose the cost of a professional feasibility study now than to loose a small fortune further down the line for the simple "Lack of a study". A well prepared and researched study could save hundreds of thousands of dollars further down the road. It helps avoid risk and answers questions, like:

  • Will it work ?

  • How will it work ?

  • What is needed ?

  • When is the best time ?

  • How much investment is needed ?

  • What will the return be ?

These questions are only the beginning.     The place to start is with a Feasibility Study.

Risk, as every successful entrepreneur knows, is an inescapable fact of business. A well prepared and researched study can help reduce the risk. By giving a true measurement of that risk, feasibility studies help pinpoint market opportunities and pitfalls, as well as building platforms for the assembling of good ideas. Once a full assessment has been completed, a firm launch pad is constructed for the implementation of the project.

Many new aviation ventures and indeed, new projects, stumble in the first year. The main cause is lack of adequate advanced planning, thus causing initial under-capitalization, cash-flow problems and therefore panic management.  Most, if not all the risk, can be avoided with a feasibility study


Aviation Services

    Focus areas include:

  • Identification of Issues

  • Market Planning & Development

  • Business Plans, Start-ups & Expansions

  • Financing & Capitalization

  • Competitive Analysis & Strategies

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Operations

  • Aircraft Sales

  • Remarketing, Acquisitions & Bridging.

  • Fleet Planning

  • Charters, Seasonal Markets

  • ACMI or Dry Leases

  • Optimization of Assets

  • Industry Intelligence

  • Community Air Service Enhancement

  • Essential Air Service

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Certification Acquisition & Upgrades

  • Negotiations

  • Evaluations

  • Pre Purchase Inspections

  • Reorganizations & Restructures

  • Development of Governmental Regulatory Documents & Guidelines

  • Economic & Operational Regulatory Compliance




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