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An Example of a Project Undertaken


An Grand-Prix Circuit in

West Africa


The example is from a study completed in West Africa for a European businessman and former motor racing champion, for:


THE BRIEF...To totally explore the commercial and economic feasibility of a formula 1 specification race circuit in West Africa and to explore the possibility of moving the African Grand Prix from South Africa to the third world infrastructure of West Africa



  • What is involved ?

  • What are the drawbacks ?

  • What political situation, both in South and West Africa?

  • Where in West Africa would be the best place for the project ?

  • What will the acceptance of the circuit be ?

  • How much will it cost ?

  • How much will it return financially ?

  • What will the political returns be ?

  • Will the World Motor Racing Association accept the project ?

  • How long will it take?

INITIAL AGREEMENT... Due to the complex nature of the study, the time element and the cost that a full feasibility study would incur, it was agreed to carry out a pre-study. Plans & Profiles, Inc., would go to West Africa for a period of two weeks and carry out a pre-study report on the project. They would then write the full pre-study report and account to the clients as to the initial findings - help decide if a full feasibility study should be entered into, give an estimated cost of such a study and consider if the project was a "Non starter". The cost of this pre-study report was set at a daily figure plus expenses.


PRE-STUDY REPORT...  Meetings with politicians from West African countries, Ministries and Departments that would be involved. Gaining comparable sales of land in relevant areas and the availability of 1000 plus acres of land in one block acceptable for the project, political stability, military and elected involvement, access roads, airports and sea ports, natural resources, infrastructure, needed infrastructure, local labor and expertise, utilities availability, taxation and local gratuities, local support or opposition. Writing the report and conveying findings to the client.


FINDINGS...  It was apparent The Gambia. That being the most politically stable and having a democratically elected government. The Gambia also had a small but growing European Tourist trade, local people were both friendly and receptive to the concept. It had a small airport but with fantastic growth opportunity due to it being an emergency landing site for the American Space Shuttle (Built by the USA). The project could work financially and support gained on all levels. A full study would take some 6.5 months and costs were set accordingly on a daily basis plus out of pocket expenses.


IMPLEMENTATION OF THE STUDY...  A three person team was recruited locally and consisted of a liaison officer, an accountant/collator with full eligibility and ingress into all governmental and research departments and a security officer/guide with a full and colorful knowledge of the country, culture, people, land and history. Experts in differing fields were also contracted for research in the following areas:

  • Environmental impact on flora and fauna

  • Wildlife rehabilitation and reintroduction

  • Ecology, Soil and rock samples

  • Hydrological research & restoration

  • Surveying & civil engineering.

Other problems that were also addressed and solved included: The moving of two entire villages, allocating of a full wild-life reserve and wild animal hospital, enlarging the International Airport facilities, extra scheduled flights by international airlines, temperature related problems for race track surfaces, race car and driver acceptance, world television rights and contracts.


Other features that were also incorporated within the Study were tourist orientated and produced financial gains: Tourist fun cart track, full Marina complex with ocean access via the river, sporting clay complex, race driving school, hotel complex, photographic safari and interior trips.



  • A first class business opportunity.

  • A full study from which to launch the project.

  • An impressive set of facts and figures with which to gain support and backing for the project.


  • Growth and an increase of 25% in its tax-base.

  • Financial gain (The television rights are more than the combined national income for 1992)

  • 2000 new short term jobs and 1150 full time jobs

  • Prestige among other West African Countries


  • A first class study carried out under budget.

  • A growing reputation and most importantly:-

  • A very satisfied customer

Produced with the full permission of our European Clients.

No confidential information is included in the above statement.






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