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Here is a partial list of past and present clients.....


3D Distribution Systems, Inc. U.S.A.
Action Equipment Ltd. UK & France
Action Recovery Inc. U.S.A.
Adtec Alloys Ltd. UK & Channel Is.
AeroLLoyd International Finance   UK, Europe, USA, Asia

Aeromarine International Inc. U.S.A.
African Family Planning Association
Air Cargo Solutions, Inc. USA, Tashkent, Russia
Air Cap U.S.A.
Air Caribbean Trinidad,
Alaskan Airways U.S.A.,
All World Homes Inc. U.S.A.,
Alimed Labs., Inc. U.S.A.,
Bank International De Paris (BICI) Europe, Africa,
Barclays Bank P.L.C. UK, Europe
Bathurst International UK, West Africa
Bay Colony Club. U.S.A.
Blue Moon Bridals & Florists Intl. Ltd. UK
Boots factory ( The ) Germany & Austria,
British Petroleum P.L.C. West Africa,
Broken Wing Ranches U.S.A.
Cake Creations Gourmet, Inc. Chain USA
Can Air Canada,
Cantrell and Cockran (C&C) P.L.C. UK,
Caribbean Airways Barbados,
Carousel Recovery Inc. U.S.A.
Central Bank P.L.C. The Gambia
Charles Cady & Associates (accountant) U.S.A.,
Clinique Inc. (Cosmetics) U.S.A.,
Coca Cola Southern Bottlers Ltd. UK,
Courtenay Garage Co. Ltd. UK,
C.S.A. Communications, Inc. U.S.A.
Data Efficiency UK and USA
Diversity Developments Inc. U.S.A.,
EcoTech Caribe, USA, Jamaica
Europe Overseas Airways, Belgium,
Evergreen Aviation, USA & Africa
FMI Marketing, USA, UK
Frank Pesce Worldwide. USA
Gambia Airways Ltd. The Gambia
GKI, Sunbound U.S.A.,
Golf 2001, Inc. U.S.A.,
Gonini Airlines Ltd. Suriname,
Haitian Air Cargo, Haiti, USA
H & L Property Management Inc. U.S.A.,
Hal Jones & Co. U.S.A.,
Hattons International Ltd. UK, &. Europe
International Village. U.S.A.
Invisible Shield Technologies, LLC. USA
Jaco Pastorius project U.S.A.,
Kololi Village Corporation Ltd. UK, West Africa
Kouto Wild Life Sanctuary, Africa,
Liberty Airlines Inc. USA, West Indies
Lister Chemicals Ltd., Ireland
Livestock Air Transport Ltd. UK,
Lloyds Bank P.L.C. UK,
Logan Aluminum, USA
MacNeil Enterprises Ltd. UK, Italy, Africa
Mainstream Funding Co. Ltd. U.S.A.,
Mallory Racing (Titan Group) Ltd. UK, Africa, Europe,
McKenzie Sales & Export Ltd. M-East, UK, Ireland,
Mekong Air, Cambodia.
M.E. Properties Ltd. West Africa,
Merlin Sports Fishing Ltd. Africa,
M.E. Services Limited. UK, Europe & Africa,
Ministry of Defense, UK, The Gambia
Ministry of Immigration, The Gambia
Ministry of Tourism, The Gambia,
Mondo 155 G.M.B.H., Germany,
Murray Electrical. UK and Spain,
National Bank of The Gambia. West Africa,
National Health Institutes of America, Inc. U.S.A.,
National Westminster Bank P.L.C. UK,
Nevada International Commodities Ltd. Channel Is.,
Paul M Epstein & Associates U.S.A.,
Rainbow Light and Electronics. China, South Korea,
Renogade Research and Information, U.S.A.,
RLD Directory Publishing Inc. U.S.A.,
S.O.G.E.A. International & Europe, Africa,
Sakhalinskie Aviatrassy, Sakhalin, Russia,
Saffideen Trading Co. Ltd., West Africa,
Save the Children, (GB ) West Africa,
Save the Children ( USA ) West Africa,
Shyben A. Madi & Sons Ltd., Africa,
Simplex, Corp. Inc, USA, Russia, Afghanistan
Spanair, Spain,
Spantax Airlines, Spain,
SRX Aviation, USA, Russia, Europe
Stephen Betts Refiners/Bullion Ltd. Europe/Africa,
TAAG  Tartarstan American Aviation Group. U.S.A. Russia,
Teachers Whisky (Distillers) Ltd., Scotland,
Technico Dev & Financing Ltd. UK, East Africa,
The Harrison Group UK,
The Henly Group. UK, France, Italy,
The Mercer Jersey Trust, UK, Europe,
The Renwick Group of Companies, UK,
The Vicarage Road Group. UK,
Tierra Del Sol, Dominican Republic,
Transnational Management, Inc. USA
TravelAlert U.S.A.,
Tropical Airways U.S.A.,
USA Hosts Inc. U.S.A.
US Air U.S.A.,
United Transnet PLC.    U.S.A.,
Vickering Ltd. UK and Europe,
Vidio Max (Gambia ) Ltd. Gambia,
Virgin, Nigeria. Nigeria & UK
Wackenhut Security Systems Inc. U.S.A., Africa,

West Africa African Village (PAAP Jobe) Ltd. Africa
West Indies Express, U.S.A. Haiti,
West of England Commercial, UK,
Wildlife Ranching and Research Ltd. Kenya, Africa,
Wynot Ltd. UK, West Africa,




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