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      Condominium Management Deluxe

Condominium Management Deluxe is fully network compliant and is built within the Microsoft Office environment, taking full advantage of the MS-Office family of products such as MS-Excel, MS-Access and MS-Word. The database itself  was designed specifically for Property rental and Apartment management.  

SOME OF THE FEATURES of Property Management Deluxe are:

  •  Automatic Save Feature

  •  Apartment / Unit Menu

  •  Owner Information

  •  Tenant Information and Tracking

  •  Rent and Lease Module

  •  Security Deposit Tracking

  •  Emergency Key-holder

  •  Emergency Personal Information

  •  Apartment / Unit Reports

  •  Maintenance Tracking

  •  Maintenance Action

  •  Internal and External Maintenance Orders

  • Maintenance Reports

  • Apartment Search Engine

  • Maintenance Search Engine

  • Fast Search Facility for Apartment and Maintenance

  • Outsource Maintenance Tracking.

  • Mailing Labels and Lists

  • Business and Functions Diary

  • Employee Tracking and Record Keeping

  • FULL Management Reports

  • Built in Technical Support

  • Free Training Videocassette

  • And Much More..... 

Each part of the program can be password protected individually or entire areas can be given a common password via the workgroup administrator.

Corrections and alterations can be made on the fly, giving an incredible flexibility to management tasks.

The automatic save feature allows the user to change tasks in mid-stream to return to the task later without the loss of data. 

We. can undertake customization of the program. Should the client want specific customization, the program can be fully tailored to individual requirements and gives an extraordinary flexibility and range of use. Streamline your entire business with confidence and peace of mind. Spend less time with paperwork and more time on the profitable part of the business.

The software is completely menu driven, which allows the user to navigate the entire program, easily and quickly with a minimum of training. A click of the mouse is all there is to it.

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