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      D.I.M.E.  Management Deluxe

The D.I.M.E. Management software package was designed to completely automate, run and manage a Destination Management Company.


  • Data Entry Menus

  • Clients Module

  • Venues & Excursions

  • Employees

  • Projects Costing

  • Line By Line

  • Staff Scheduling

  • Transport Companies

  • View and Edit Flight in Conjunction with any Project

  • View and Edit PAX's List in Conjunction with any Project

  • Schedule Transport Equipment in Conjunction with any Project

  • Single Click Venue

  • Automate Proposals and Estimates

  • Projects Form

  • Project Flight Selection

  • Project Flight Selection & PAX List

  • Line by Line Project Reporting

  • Arrivals List

  • Project Coordinating

  • Full reports Menu and Analytical Reporting

  • Auto Billing

  • Lists, Labels and Mailings

  • Digital Camera Ready

  • Professional Looking Proposals Every time (and Everyone Individualized)

Your client only sees the tip of the iceberg. When they call for a proposal or give you the task of coordinating their incentive program, it sounds so simple. It’s then that your task begins !! The organization within a destination management company is the most vital part of the operation. After all, it is your organizational expertise that your client is relying on. Many of the destination management companies use a cut and paste method of putting a proposal together. Although professional looking results are created, it is very time consuming.

We asked by a destination management group to streamline and automate this enormous task, while at the same time "keeping it simple". A full automation, from the initial contact with a prospective client to the actual implementation of the project, was created.

Each part of the program can be password protected individually or entire areas can be given a common password via the workgroup administrator.

Corrections and alterations can be made on the fly, giving an incredible flexibility to management tasks.

The automatic save feature allows the user to change tasks in mid-stream to return to the task later without the loss of data.

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