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      What is Due Diligence?
        Well according
to the dictionaries it is

Merriam Webster Dictionary..  Research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction.  (as a corporate merger or purchase of securities)


The Oxford dictionary..  A comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.


What it Means for a Business or Project

It means looking at every part of a project. Researching in depth! Then putting all of that data under a microscope and analyzing it.  Every bit of information is relative and connected to all parts of the project.  Everything is Relative to its success or failure.


Who needs us to do Due Diligence?

When we are commissioned to undertake a "Due Diligence" project, it is normally by a business that is thinking of purchasing or investing in another business, or by a financial institution or corporation that is looking at funding or financing a business or a project.  They want an independent look to make sure their purchase or investment doesn't have any hidden problems or complications that could affect the worth or strength of the asset or project.



What we do when we do do Due Diligence!

Firstly, we take every bit of information, that each side has on the complete endeavor. Then we analyze and investigate that information to make sure it is "true and like" to what both sides have reflected.  We find any differences, no matter how small, and research them further.   Once that is done we start our own investigations and enquiries into the entire project and or business (depending on our assignment).  Once we have all of our research and investigating completed we add it to what we were initially given.   That's when we make sure everything gel's, and  find any hidden information or problems. We make sure that everything is relative...

The Devil's in the Details

If we find problems, hidden secrets or even the absents of information in any areas we report it immediately to the client. We can then help overcome a problem, work around it or write our interim report and stop the process. This depends entirely on the client.


If we do not find any insurmountable problems, we analyze all the information and compile the due diligence report draft which we give to the client.  We make any additions or alterations the client requests of us and then we assemble and write the final due diligence report and deliver it and the full information and data package to the client for them to be able to wisely and make their final informed decisions.  

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