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Plans & Profiles, Inc. was first formed in England in 1976 by its founder Peter Coleman  as Plans & Profiles Ltd.



Opened a temporary office in Banjul, the Gambia, West Africa at the request of a large client.  The company office undertook business planning, computer services and project management. Although meant to be temporary to service the client for one year, the office remained for four years



Opened the company offices in Fort Lauderdale Florida and registered the present company, Plans and Profiles, Inc. as a Florida Corporation.



Made the Florida office the main corporate office


1994- Present Day

Plans & Profiles, Inc. has built a world class reputation for writing quality and effective business plans & feasibility studies as well as its consultancy and financial modeling services.


Since the day it first started almost 40 years ago, the company logo has been the humming bird (Always busy and never stops moving) and our  motto is: "Man never plans to fail, he only fails to plan." This was penned by a Greek philosopher many centuries ago and still holds just as true today as it was then.


Projects have been completed on five continents and in many different countries, for a vast variety of businesses, from multi-national corporations to small start-ups. We consider no project too small or too large.


While the company undertakes general business planning tasks and consultancy, it has also developed two departments that specialize in Aviation and green energy  respectively



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