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As a group we do not undertake funding ourselves,


However, as you can imagine, over the years since 1976 we have worked closely with many funding sources.  We do not take any commissions or payments for finding funding sources. It is just an added service we supply our clients once we have completed a study, project or Plan.


Business Plans, Restructures, New Ventures, etc, are very often commissioned in order to raise financing, investment or other forms of funding. Because of this we have a large network of highly professional, reputable and proven funding sources worldwide.


We know which sources fund which type of projects, the "sweet-spots" for certain investors and the likes and dislikes of specific banks and investment houses.


Funding for any reason has totally changed over the past few years . The credit squeeze gripping the financial world because of banks, investors and finance houses freezing their lending and tightening their loan and investment criteria has changed everything.


You can no longer just walk into a bank with an idea and walk out with an investment / loan. However, there are still funds available for specific projects, businesses and even startups but they must fit a specific criteria.

  • A solid idea, well documented and researched.

  • An experienced management team.

  • A Professional Business Plan.

  • Full backup of all research and due-diligence.

If you already have a plan that we did not write, let us critique it for you. We will look at it at no charge and give you an honest opinion. If it meets the standards and criteria we can certainly pass it on.  If it gets funded we will charge you for our critique time. If it doesn't, we wont.


Via our planning services, our global team provides independent, strategic advice on finance and value creation. We work with clients on topics such as valuation, transaction support, capital markets, treasury, financial analysis and modeling, and strengthening the finance function.


The capital resources we introduce are normally 100% private equity. They offer clients rates generally in the 6 to 8% range with flexible terms and conditions. Their funds originate internationally from Singapore, to the Middle East, Europe and the Western Hemisphere.


In today’s competitive and volatile markets, individual and corporate finance is moving beyond simply managing traditional value to creating maximum affordable value. This philosophy now extends deeper than ever before, touching every aspect of business. These funding company's are well positioned to serve individuals and companies seeking competitive funding for almost any purpose.


We are independent advisers on business planning for raising finance and value creation. In the past 20 years, we have supported clients on nearly 2,000 projects. We advise clients in a variety of industries, general business planning, including private and commercial aircraft, yachts, real estate, factories, energy and telecommunications.


Our global team of business planning consultants brings extensive functional expertise and considerable industry knowledge to every project. Our consultants work closely with our experts and research analysts to deploy proven tools and to develop cutting-edge resources for our clients.


What we do: We take a holistic approach to finance by dealing with a broader range of issues and taking a longer view than most. Our involvement usually extends beyond support of a transaction, for example, to include the integration work needed to insure overall success of a given project.


Similarly, we work with clients not just to assess performance in the finance function but more typically to define a long-term strategy. We combine strategic, financial, and organizational capabilities into a whole that is certainly greater than the sum of its parts. This, combined with our innovative approach to problem solving, helps create sustained value for our clients.


We offer our clients a unique combination of strategic, financial, and transactional advisory services. Because our fees are not transaction-based, we maintain genuine objectivity and interest in our clients’ long-term success.


When we consider and execute a project, we carefully consider the client’s individual status basing a great deal on who the client is and his past performance. We work closely with our clients to create a loan application ready plans and studies that are geared for approvals. We are more concerned with who our clients is than the values of any particular asset.


We support clients in two areas: We support the financial requirements of individuals and companies. We help them link their corporate strategy to our private capital markets. We also support a variety of activities aimed at creating maximum value in the finance function, including such areas as highly competitive costs of money, loan optimization, and finance schedules and management.


We support clients through all phases of a transaction- from assessing rationale to ensuring smooth execution and preparing the foundation for seamless integration. We help ensure that every transaction supports our client’s overall strategy and goals.


Our ability is not necessarily limited by dollar amounts. In 2010 we assisted in the due diligence of the funding of a telecommunications company at an $8 billion level. Also, in the same year, we were successfully involved in planning an aviation project for the financing of a helicopter for $5.6 million.


As a complement to these two broad service lines, we offer clients a range of analytical services. Our team of world-class  experts, strategists, and analysts collaborate closely to address our clients’ financial and valuation challenges.


We specializes in research and analytical efforts. Our consultants have worldwide experience in every area of valuation and project finance. In addition, we share our knowledge, insights and advice with our clients in specialized publications.


The world’s financial markets have clearly changed and will never return to pre-2008 conditions. Institutional financing for businesses and individuals is almost a thing of the past. For many, the key to growth today is private financing


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