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      Golf & Country Club Deluxe Deluxe

The Golf & Country Club Deluxe software is network compliant and is built within the Microsoft Office environment, taking full advantage the MS-Office family of products such as Excel, Access, and Word. The database itself is designed specifically for the Golf and Country Club applications and business.



  • Point of Sale for Restaurant

  • Pro-Shop and Bar

  • Automatic Tip and Gratuity Handling

  • Taxable and Non Taxable Categories

  • Dues Billing Plus Up to 99 Categories of Dues

  • Global Billing for Handicap, Lockers, Storage etc.

  • Management Reports

  • General Reports

  • Sales Figures and Relational Reports

  • Price Settings

  • Fees

  • Resigned and Inactive Members

  • Member Profiles

  • Corrections and Adjustments Routines

  • Automatic Statement

  • Individual Member Statements

  • Monthly Totals

  • Quarterly Totals

  • Annual Totals

  • Restaurant Bookings Module

  • T-Times

  • Restaurant Menu Generator

  • Banquet and Functions Planner

  • Related and Cross-Tab Sales Reports

  • Member Lists

  • And Much Much More.....

The software can be fully customized to each individual clients requirements and gives an extraordinary flexibility and range of use. Streamline your entire business with ease, confidence and peace of mind. Spend less time with paperwork and more time on the profitable part of the business. Golf & Country Club Deluxe is user friendly and easy to learn. Just point and click. No manuals, no extensive training, no user entry commands to learn or type.

The software is completely menu driven, which allows the user to navigate the entire program, easily and quickly with a minimum of training. A click of the mouse is all there is to it.

Password protection allows management to restrict certain users to specific parts of the program. Each part of the system can be password protected individually or entire areas can be given a common password. The management is in full control of data and information security.

Pro-shop, Bar and Restaurant menus and data entry are both quick and simple to use, via Touch screen, Bar-code are keyboard entry systems. Maximizing the benefits of the network functions of Windows 95/98 or NT, sales data is immediate to both ledgers and member accounts.

The bar sales can be fully categorized and the sales descriptions can be entered via a pull down menu or direct keyboard input. Tabs can be run at the bar and not cashed out until the member is ready to. The full bill / receipt can then be compiled. Charged to Cash, Credit Card or logged to the members account for statement billing at the month-end. Full categorization of all Restaurant and Pro-shop items with fixed pricing makes the entire system incredibly smooth to operate and maintain. The program gives the ability to enter and change restaurant staff and shifts, thus allowing tips and gratuities to be added to members billing. The system automatically calculates tips and assigns them to staff that worked that particular shift.

Again, at all point of sale terminals, receipts and bills are produced immediately. The program is designed to function with any Windows compatible ticket printers. These can be either percussion or thermal; either single, double or triple part.

All pricing can be pre-set by management and changed as and when required. The point of sale terminals can, if required, be fully barcode and scanner operated. A fully barcode compatible option is available for the entire point of sale side of the software package.

The management and/or selected office staff, prior to end of each month can make corrections or alterations. This is done with the corrections menu that allows searches by all possible fields and combinations. A simple button click will retrieve a summary of all requested sales and postings. The user then corrects the sale prior to the statements being printed and sent out. 

If the month has already been closed and statements sent, corrections can be made by simple adjustments. These adjustments show on the following month member statement. Membership records and information is controlled in the membership menu. From this menu every aspect of a clubs membership can be handled. New members, type of membership, Dues, Initiation fees, global billing items such as lockers, storage, handicap etc..  

Member reports are also gained from this menu. Reports by name in Alpha order or by membership number. Full Membership reports and Member profiles. A printed copy of each member profile can be placed within the members file for information and emergency use.

As much or as little information as required by the individual club can be placed on record. Office and Management functions are all handled by separate menus, thus allowing security of data to be maximized.

All accounts, reports and management statistics are available through the office main menu. Corrections and price or category changes for the rest of the club ( bar, Pro-shop, restaurant etc.) can only be made with the office main menu.

The accounts menu gives access to the general day to day accounting and reports. Sales accounting from the point of sale terminals is automatic. However this menu allows payments to be entered and categorized. Adjustments, dues, and general ledger tasks are also undertaken from this menu. Reports of categorized items, payments and adjustments are also run from this screen, as are totals and accounting statistics.

Monthly statements are compiled and printed automatically within the system. Accounts receivable AR and Dues can be either on separate statements or combined into a single statement as shown. Reports and all other management statistics are generated from the reports menu. These reports can vary and indeed be tailor made for the requirements of your individual club. Additional reports, summaries and statistics that are needed can be added to meet individual needs.

The entire program is fully customizable and can be adapted to the needs of every client. Thus allowing you to run "your business" in exactly the way "you" want it to be run. Tips and gratuities can be automatically calculated and reports run by date parameters for either payment or inclusion into your payroll.

Stock control and usage reports can also be added for inventory statistics and reports. These stock and inventory reports are fully categorized and give both quantities and sales revenue for items sold and moved from stock. Chef reports for restaurant management, banquet and function modules are also available, custom made to your requirements.

A full accounting Module is also available that is State specific. This completes tasks such as Purchase ledger, General ledger, and check printing and coding. Profit and loss, Payroll, Balance sheet and other accounting functions. An inventory and stock control module is also available, custom built to your specific needs. This is linked directly to the main program and is fully automatic with point of sale terminal entry. Restocking levels, automatic order and reorder functions and inventory are automatically generated.

Barcode and point of sale scanning is also available and again is customized to your specific needs. Dependent on what is required, these can vary from the simple hand held wands, through hand held scanners to static pass-over counter inserts.

An inventory and stock control module is also available, custom built to your specific needs. This is linked directly to the main program and is fully automatic with point of sale entry. Restocking levels, automatic order and reorder functions are automatically generated.

The entire software package can be changed, altered, reduced and added to. Everything to meet the needs of the individual client or club.

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