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      Home Health Deluxe

Home Healthcare Deluxe is a complete home healthcare management software package that tracks Patients, Doctors and insurance from the time the telephone rings from the Dr.'s office or Hospital to the time the patient is signed fit, and the bills have all been paid.


  • Patients Records

  • Nursing Staff and Records

  • Nursing Licensing

  • Doctors and Practitioners

  • Medications and Dosage and Frequency

  • Insurance Companies

  • Payments

  • Co-Payments

  • Prognosis and Disposition

  • Physicians Orders and Change of Orders

  • Types of Home Health Services

  • Diet

  • Locations of Service and Direction Fields

  • Modifiers

  • Patient Intake Control Forms

  • Plan of Treatment Forms

  • Federal and State Record Keeping

  • Automated Billing

  • Automated Insurance Forms 

  • Employee and Personal Records

  • And Much Much More .....

  1. The software is designed to work equally as well on a stand alone computer as it is with a multi-user network computer system.

  2. The Software built within the Microsoft office Environment and will run on any Windows platform

  3. Each part of the program can be password protected individually or entire areas can be given a common password via the workgroup administrator.

  4. Corrections and alterations can be made on the fly, giving an incredible flexibility to management tasks.

  5. The automatic save feature allows the user to change tasks in mid-stream to return to the task later without the loss of data.

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